Take your PLM and Core Tools to the GPS era

How does GPS and paper maps relate to your PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and Core Tools development and management?

Would you go back to using paper maps to navigate to any new location? Most, if not all, would never go back to paper maps when you have GPS. Maps still have some advantages, like they don't need batteries, and don't need internet access. They are reliable and we all have used them and got to our destination. But, these advantages alone cannot compare with the benefit of the new technology. With GPS, it's easy to get to any place. You don't need help from a navigator and even if you made a mistake, the GPS will recalculate the route and you will get to your destination. You all know this, but how does GPS and paper maps relate to your PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and Core Tools development and management?

One of the best analogies to comparing the development and management of Core Tools, Nonconformities, Inspections, Incoming Material and Production in ISOQualitas.PLM software to a general spreadsheet based is to compare GPS to paper maps.

Any company that supplies to the automotive industry must comply with the Core Tools regulations. This can be done using spreadsheets, but this is the same as navigating using paper maps. You can get to your destination, in this case, a PPAP submission, for example. But, how hard it is to comply with all the requirements, keep the documents consistent, manage all activities and people involved and deliver the customer needs?

ISOQualitas.PLM was developed from the ground up based on the automotive industry requirements, therefore it covers all Core Tools and offers a level of productivity that can be compared to a GPS guiding you to your destination. In fact, this is what the ISOQualitas.PLM does: It guides you through each of the Core Tools requirements guaranteeing the right information is at the right places at the right time. And the productivity gains from intelligent data sharing, document links, activities management, information reuse are at the same level as GPS navigation. And it does not stop at the development phase. Several production tools like SPC, Inspection Records, Lot Management are available and are linked to what was developed during the APQP.

ISOQualitas.PLM does not get obsolete as it strictly follows all automotive industry requirement, the same way a GPS is constantly being updated to reflect the cities development.

A product or process update must follow a path so the operators at the manufacturing location will be using the correct information. This is the same as navigating to get to a destination. If you miss a turn and don't realize, you will to a completely different location. In a manual system, as in a spreadsheet based system, you are responsible for guaranteeing each turn was taken at the right time. It can work, but the potential for problems are big. Audit nonconformities, PPAP rejections, production nonconformities are the living proof of this. This is the same as navigating using paper.

The only situation where GPS navigation is not permitted is in Rally Raid competition. And the reason for that is there is no challenge in following a predetermined route when using GPS. But are you looking for a challenge when developing a PPAP or managing your Lessons Learned? Getting the correct information at the right places should be seamless, not a challenge.

You might be thinking: Ok, but Google Maps is free, and the ISOQualitas software is not. That is correct, but, the productivity gains our system offers are equal or bigger than the investment. If you compute how much time and talent are spent in non-value-added activities when using a non-dedicated system, and compare the results to the ISOQualitas.PLM, it is the same as comparing paper maps to GPS. Just to give an example, in ISOQualitas.PLM you can export all PPAP requirements to PDF files with one click. Another example is updating the documents when a specification was changed. In ISOQualitas.PLM you update the information in one form and all related documents will be automatically updated, guaranteeing fully consistent information across all documents.

ISOQualitas.PLM is as easy to use as a good GPS system. In a few hours, you will be developing and managing your product and process development and your production and incoming material with the same level of productivity and robustness as getting to your hotel in Barcelona, Paris or New York using GPS as your guide.

Finally, these days, GPS will alert you if there are traffic complications and offer alternatives. ISOQualitas.PLM does the same with powerful planning tools. Every activity that has a target date and a responsible is managed automatically by the software. At the Planned Activities report, activities from APQP, FMEA Recommended Actions, Nonconformities and 8D Actions among others can be managed in one place. Multi-plant companies can manage activities for each individual plant or for the corporation.