Technical Support Agreement 

Companies that maintain a technical support agreement with ISOQualitas are guaranteed the unrestricted right to access our IT and Engineering departments, receive automatic updates of ISOQualitas products covered by the agreement, including tiered pricing for specific technical services.

Covered Services

In the Information Technology area: Installation support, performance issues, and related events with ISOQualitas® products.

In the Engineering area: Support on development product and manufacturing process based on the APQP concepts, project management, application of quality core tools, automotive specific requirements, and quality management systems standards, including:


- Support and training for the implementation and the operation of ISOQualitas® software.

- Assistance "in company" per events under customer's demand with approved quotation.

- Remote access in the client environment through TeamViewer.

- Clarifications about common questions via web through the FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

- Feasibility analysis for adaptations and customizations of ISOQualitas® products.

Contact Channels

For companies that don't have technical support agreement, all communication with the ISOQualitas's support team is by email until a budget has been approved to enable the access via phone, remote access or other method covered by this budget, such as:

- Online System(*)

- Phone Support (*)

- FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - Recurrent Questions

- Software downloads and updates(*).

- Remote Access in the customers' environment by our technicians.


(*) Only for customers with support agreement or after a budget approval

Remote access

ISOQualitas uses the TeamViewer® software, an application installed on a customer computer that allows access and control remotely. The remote access depends on an ID and a password defined by the computer's user. If Teamviewer® is not active, even with possession of the ID and password is not possible to establish the remote access.

The session via TeamViewer must be booked in advance, and the ID and password have to be sent to ISOQualitas technical support before the scheduled time.

Using TeamViewer® is very simple and safe. Just install TeamViewer on the computer and supply the ID and Password to grant access remotely.

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