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ISOQualitas.ACT® is an add-on module that extends ISOQualitas.PLM® to the shop floor for those companies seeking a truly integrated and automated paperless solution for increased productivity and quality assurance. With ISOQualitas.ACT® shop floor operators and quality inspectors receive instructions directly at their workstations and have a range of tools to support and provide immediate feedback during the manufacturing process.

With ISOQualitas.ACT® the data defined within ISOQualitas.PLM® during APQP is captured effortlessly at the shop floor by operators and inspectors through a user-friendly interface.

ISOQualitas.ACT® has specific modules to register and report quality control events and results as required during manufacturing by worldwide automotive standards.

Additionally, ISOQualitas.ACT® makes all manufacturing process execution documents created by the APQP teams through ISOQualitas.PLM® available at the shop floor, assuring full consistency with planned activities.


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