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ISOQualitas.ACT® is an add-on module that extends ISOQualitas.PLM® to the shop floor for those companies seeking a truly integrated and automated paperless solution for increased productivity and quality assurance. With ISOQualitas.ACT® shop floor operators and quality inspectors receive instructions directly at their workstations and have a range of tools to support and provide immediate feedback during the manufacturing process.

With ISOQualitas.ACT® the data defined within ISOQualitas.PLM® during APQP is captured effortlessly at the shop floor by operators and inspectors through a user-friendly interface.

ISOQualitas.ACT® has specific modules to register and report quality control events and results as required during manufacturing by worldwide automotive standards.

Additionally, ISOQualitas.ACT® makes all manufacturing process execution documents created by the APQP teams through ISOQualitas.PLM® available at the shop floor, assuring full consistency with planned activities.


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APQP / PPAP Modules

The APQP / PPAP modules contemplated in ISOQualitas.ACT replaces the paper instructions and documents at the shop floor that must be filled out with the results of inspections and controls carried out by operators and inspectors during product manufacturing.

ISOQualitas.ACT users cannot change the product process nor do they have access to product process data. The modules available to the shop floor are:

Capability Study Records
Test Results Reports

  • Dimensional
  • Material
  • Performance

Appearance Approval Report

VDA2 Modules
Shop Floor Support
Incoming Materials Control
Non Conformity Record
Easy and Fast Installation
Advantage 1
  • Assignment of responsibility, deadlines, and status of development activities.
  • Configurable list of development activities.
  • The duration of activities is calculated automatically.
  • Grouping of Project Activities.
  • Definition of activities identified as the critical path of the project.
  • Gantt chart based on activities and planned dates.
  • Notification of activities due directly from the ISOQualitas.PLM® interface and by e-mail.
  • Notification of activities completion by e-mail
  • Feature to make global changes to activity dates.
  • Activity status is automatically updated when carried out in ISOQualitas.PLM®
  • The Activity Due Report lists all overdue activities organized by part, deadline or responsibility
  • Automatic verification of the status of activities at the APQP closing

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