ISOQualitas.PLM® is a comprehensive and integrated software that optimizes all Product Lifecycle Management activities, from the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), through the Process Production Part Approval (PPAP), and all the way to manufacturing, according to the requirements and standards of the automotive industry.

ISOQualitas.PLM® is a tool that will enable your company to fully comply with quality management standards IATF-16949, VDA, EAQF and reference manuals APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA, VDA2, and others, as set out by the automotive industry. Furthermore, ISOQualitas.PLM® will also enable your company to meet specific requirements from global automotive manufacturers.

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Planning & Management

The Planning and Management modules allows users to set and organize all project tasks, deadlines, critical paths, and assign them to those responsible, with real time alerts, progress reporting and monitoring, including:

  • Configurable list of tasks.
  • Automatically calculates task duration
  • Group/ungroup tasks
  • Determine “critical path” tasks
  • Gantt diagrams based on tasks and deadlines
  • Link tasks to ensure consisten deadlines
  • Tasks status automatically updated based on activity completion
  • Set follow up e-mail and popup alerts for tasks
  • Set e-mail notification alerts for completed tasks
  • Change task dates in bulk
  • Automatically update tasks across all modules and functions
  • Automatically verify status of all tasks prior to project completion
  • Tasks management report for individual user or general
  • Management of changes that impact multiple products
  • Layout inspections planning and management
Product and Process Data Management
Product Development
Process Development
APQP Core Tools
Measurement Systems Analysis
Process Capability Studies
Approval Process - PPAP/VDA2
Production Execution Support
Incoming Materials Management
CAPA Integrated System
Easy and Fast Configuration
 Challenges and Solutions
Data Inconsistency


Many organizations use several different non-integrated software tools to generate and document the product/process data, which often leads to data duplication efforts and serious data inconsistencies between product development information and the shop floor making the management of changes to technical data so challenging and vulnerable that they often result in nonconforming products and in some extreme cases recall campaigns.


In ISOQualitas.PLM, all product and process data is fully integrated. Every information used in more than one document is registered one time only and then shared among these documents, eliminating data duplication and drastically reducing the time to manage information changes. Due to this integration, it is quite impossible for the development data to be inconsistent with the data and information being used at the shop floor. In addition to data integration, ISOQualitas.PLM offers consistency analysis between Flow Chart, Characteristics Matrix, Process FMEA, Control Plan, Operator Instructions and Inspection Records. Also, there are Special Characteristics consistency checks to guarantee they are present in these documents.

Project Delays
Project Data Security
Several software for the same purpose
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